Hello, I am Rabina currently living in Helsinki. I am a Public Health student and a pet lover. I like to travel and click pictures. I am a pet friendly person who likes to spend time with pets and in nature. I am able to work in diverse environment and produce good level of work. I am a good team player who is able to take instructions and build up good working relationship with people around me. My professional skills have developed myself into an organized person who is a good listener and has good communication skills. I always like to plan my work ahead and I do not hesitate to ask for help. I am always in a state to grasp smaller opportunities to learn new things and develop my skills. In leisure time, I like to spend time with my pet Sanu and my friend's pets.I am a Zumba lover, I do cycling and hang out with my friends whenever possible.

In my whole life, I have been with pets, especially my dog Sanu,who has been my best friend since childhood. We have grown together and I know all bits and bytes about taking care of pet dogs, cats, parrots and rabbits. I am able to establish good connections with pets in short interaction thus I am very likeable to everyone. I have good experience in taking care of pet's day-to-day activity, taking them to walk, be with them and play.

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