Dog training with love exclusively for your dog, in your own living room.


Dog training with love exclusively for your dog, in your own living room.


We offer individual private training for your dog in order to prevent daily challenges related to the dog’s unwanted behavior. It can be leash behavior, greeting others, passing other dogs or barking – we will help you. Our professionals bring the training service to your home. This training service is designed for all dog owners who need help with any daily challenges.

Individual training

Unlike in traditional group training services, our professionals focus only on one dog at a time. Thus, we can guarantee the best results and customize training plans for each dog.

Stress-free environment

Training environments can be stressful for dogs as various factors are occurring at the same time. Our professionals bring the training service to your home that enables a homely and stress-free environment for your dog. This way your dog can engage in the training calmly and in familiar surroundings.

How does Tassukoulu work?

How does Tassukoulu work?


Tell us about your dog's behavior and training need


Our trainer will be in touch with you regarding the evaluation visit


The trainer builds an individual training plan and picks a suitable training package


The trainer does home visits and trains your dog with you

During evaluation visit the trainer gets to know your dog, analyses the source of the unwished behaviour together with the owner and starts the training. After the first training visit, the trainer builds a training plan for your dog, which you will sign together with the training contract online. After this the training continiues, and our trainer will provide homevisits at your place. Our goal is healthy and happy dog, and a happy owner.

Training is also an important way to prevent problems related to the dog’s behavior. No matter what the problem is, we will customize a perfect training program for your dog. We apply kilometer costs on top of the price if the distance between you and the trainer is more than 20 km. First meeting is the first training session.

During private training, we will dig deeper into the source of the dog’s undesirable behavior and educate the owner to continue the training independently.

Clear pricing





training visits




training visits




Why Tassukoulu?

Individual training → trainer focuses only on your dog

Training at your place → stress-free training environment for your dog

Paw insurance

Customised training plan for only your dog

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