Top protection for your best friend

Paw insurance

Our insurance plan includes 2 different insurances. IF P&C insurance offers liability insurance that covers 3-party damages up to 500 000€, and our vet insurance covers veterinary costs up to 600€. Paw insurance covers.

Veterinary costs up to 600€, if your pet need to visit the vet during care. We will cover the costs for you, if the responsibility is on us. If the owner is responsible, the owner is responsible for the costs. If the pet has an own insurance, we will use it firstly, and cover the excess up to 600€.

Liability insurance covers any damage that the pet has done to 3-party up to 500 000€

Insurance does not cover...

• Damages that has occurred during a care without a care agreement between Tassuvahti Oy and the customer
• Older damages, illnesses, death or other sicknesses related to the pet's age
• Genetic illnesses and damages
•Any damage or illness that has occurred outside the booking period

Read more about our insurance policy from our care agreement