Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions




Tassuvahti (paw sitter in Finnish) is a pet service which consists of experienced pet sitters that we have individually interviewed and personally selected to our team. All our pet sitters have their own profiles with and introduction on our website, so you can get to know them and pick a pet sitter that would best suit your needs. Our services include dog walk, hourly care, overnight care and home visits.

We offer dog walking, hourly care and overnight care (24 hours). The price for a dog walk is 19 € for one dog, hourly care costs 19 € / starting hour for one dog, and overnight care costs 65 € / night for one dog. You can learn more about our services by clicking here.

At the moment we take care of dogs and cats. If your gnawer or other animal needs care, please contact us and we will see what we can offer for you.
Of course. We suggest that you meet with a sitter before the start of the service, so that you both (and your pet) can get to know each other. During the meeting it’s good to go through all practical things such as key exchange and your pet’s character. You can contact us via Facebook, by calling or by e-mail and we can arrange a meeting for you and a sitter.

All our pet sitters are passionate about spending time with pets. Our sitters have either professionally worked (vets or dog consultants) or owned pets, but not are not necessarily able to have their own pet at the moment. This is one reason why we started Tassuvahti and focus on individual pets during a care, which e.g. dog hotels and daycares have trouble doing since they are taking care of so many pets at a time. We want to spend quality time with each pet we are taking care of. We only take care of pets from one household at a time.

If you use our overnight care service, your dog can freely move around in the sitter’s apartment. For your pet to feel as comfortable as possible, we suggest you take with you your dog’s own toys, bed and food, if your dog is staying at a sitter’s place for a longer time.

The main reason why you should use Tassuvahti instead of dog hotels or daycares is because you also save effort. You can use our dog walk service, for instance. This enables you as a pet owner to not be bound to transport your pet to a specific destination before work or school, since we will take your dog out for a walk during your desired time, from your desired location.

At the moment we offer our services in Helsinki. We are also able to travel to nearby cities such as Vantaa or Espoo for an additional travel fee.

The sooner the better. We do accept bookings on short notice as well, even the same day if we have available sitters. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we have free pet sitters on very short notice.

Our online booking system does not accept bookings less than 48 hours from the start of the care. If you have an urgent need for a pet sitter, please contact us via phone, WhatsApp or text message, e-mail or Facebook.

We suggest that you meet with a sitter before you let him / her take care of your pet. By making an early booking you assure that you will have time for a meeting.

Yes, all services contain IF’s liability insurance, which covers damages for up to 500 000 € that have occured during the care.

If you want to cancel a booking, please contact us directly via e-mail with your booking number, or the details of your booking. You can also call us, or send a text message, to the number +358 405 838 505.

We have a 100% refund policy if you cancel your booking 12 hours before the service starts. If you cancel a booking less than 12 hours before the service starts, we refund 50% of the payment. If you cancel a booking less than 1 hour before the service starts, we will charge for the whole care period.

The pet care is applicable for domestic help when it is part of a broader care which is applicable for domestic help. To walk a dog, when it is part of a broader care, is applicable for domestic help. You can read more about domestic help from tax authority’s website.
If you book directly online, you will have the possibility to read our care agreement and check a box that you have read our care agreement, and it will become binding for both parties. If we send an invoice to you, we will send the care agreement to your e-mail on behalf of the sitter.

Definitely. If you need someone to take your dog out for a walk regularly, say every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we can sign a “continuous” contract. Then a sitter will take your dog for a walk during the agreed time on a regular basis. You can cancel the contract whenever you want to.

If we sign an irregular continuous care contract, you can always inform the sitter when you need someone to walk your dog on an irregular basis (e.g. by calling or texting). If your sitter is not available at desired time, we will try to find another available sitter for you. If changes occur, we will always ask the customer first.

If we sign either of these contracts, we will always send an invoice by the last day of the month, where we have gathered all walks or other care periods in one invoice.

We will arrange a meeting between you and the pet sitter before the care starts, so that both you and your pet can get to know the pet sitter before the care. At the meeting you can discuss the details of the care as well as agree on handing over a key. If a sitter has taken care of your pet before, and you do not feel it is necessary to have a meeting, you can agree on handing over the key e.g. over the phone.
For us at Tassuvahti it has always been very important that our sitters believe in positive reinforcement and rewarding in pet care and training. This is one of the reasons why we have an intensive recruitment process that consists of multiple steps. We also believe that it is important to find the most trustworthy pet sitters, who genuinely care about all animals.

It is not mandatory to register as a user to purchase pet sitting services, however it can be benefitial if you need Tassuvahti's services often.

If you register on our website, you don’t always have to manually fill in your contact information when booking, because everything will be automatically filled when you are signed in.

You can register by visiting our booking page and by clicking “sign in” in the upper right corner of our booking system.

If you choose to book directly online, we accept only debit/credit card payment with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We can alternatively send an invoice to your e-mail. If you prefer to pay by invoice, please be in touch with us. You can find our contact information by clicking here.
You can check out our open positions by clicking this link.