Tips for your dog’s first overnight care:

Tips for your dog’s first overnight care:

  • Have a meeting with the pet sitter. We offer a meeting with the pet sitter to all customers so that you and your dog can meet your pet sitter for the first-time face to face before care. At the meeting, your dog and the pet sitter can get to know each other in peace. During the meeting, you can also go through the pet’s characteristics and other practical issues relating to the care. The meeting may be arranged either at the pet sitter’s home or at your own home.


  • Agree and book any additional visits with the pet sitter. If after the first meeting, you want your dog to become better acquainted with his/her pet sitter before the long-term care, you can, for example, book walks or an overnight care for one night with the pet sitter. This will allow your dog and pet sitter to get to know each other even better.


  • Provide written instructions to the pet sitter with the dog’s routines and feeding instructions. This helps the pet sitter to maintain familiar routines for your dog, which will make take care even more homely. The instructions may include everything that is needed for care such as any medication or dog-familiar instructions that may be helpful for example when outdoors.


  • Bring your dog’s care bag with all the essentials. The care bag should include necessities such as bed/blanket, food, treats and toys. It is also good to bring any other necessary supplies, such as medicines or brushes. Also, make sure that the same goods are available even if the pet sitter stays at your own home.


  • Agree with the pet sitter the frequency with which you want to receive updates of the care, for example, every day or every other day. We are happy to update you with pictures about how the care is going.


  • Relax on your vacation! Our experienced pet sitters make sure that your dog has its own relaxing vacation as well.
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