Overnight care

Overnight care

The clock is approaching 18.00 on Tuesday evening and I have taken care of the last walk of the day. As I turn to my home street, there is already expecting my next client, a seven-year-old little, black, Mixed Breed dog named Malin. Her owners are old family friends of mine. They contacted me in the early fall, as they knew that many foreign trips would be coming up next year and they would need a pet sitter for Malin. I get along with me Malin’s care kit, which includes her food, rain jacket and all kinds of toys. We say goodbye and we go inside with Malin.

I met Malin for the first time as a puppy when she arrived at the family, but after that, we have not met each other often. At the end of September, we agreed to have a meeting at Malin’s so that we could go through all the details of the overnight care service. We agreed on several upcoming coming cares with Malin and began co-operation with Malin staying overnight at my home, which went well without any problems. Now is the second time that Malin is staying with me and this time for a week, with owners in France.

My day starts by feeding Malin first and then we go out for a small walk to the nearby park. After that, I prepare myself and I leave for school or other clients, depending on the day. When leaving I give Malin a Dentastix, so my departure would not seem so boring and it would give her something to do. So far, she has behaved very well alone and she hasn’t been whimpering when I leave or pissed in to protest her solitude. When I return home, I get an extremely happy reception from Malin to her crying of happiness and her tail waving crazy.

Mal is a calm and determined lady who doesn’t care about the other dogs much so that, in our walks, we stay on our own. Her owners gave me some advice on how to pass by other dogs by focusing her attention away from them by using favorite treats and these methods work very well with me. On the weekend we were with my parents all Saturday long and Malin charmed everyone. She played with eagerness, but she also managed to calm down beneath the table when we ate. After that, we went with Malin to my friend and there she charmed my friend by throwing on her back to get belly scratches. After that, she fell asleep on the couch between us when we were talking.

Today is Monday and our last day together. Tomorrow is the time to return Malin back home. It feels weird that week went by so fast and I know that home will feel empty when I get back that night. Fortunately, I have already booked an overnight care for a four-day period in October with Malin and this Saturday two other dogs are coming to stay with me for a week. I love to have dogs living with me and living them in their home during overnight care because I get to know the dog or dogs better than just during a walk. I get to be involved in the everyday life of dogs and see their true nature. Normally, a quiet-like apartment comes alive with dogs.


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