My first week as Tassuvahti

My first week as Tassuvahti

It’s the first day of the week and I happily headed for the first customer of the day, which was a meeting at Lauttasaari. I was a bit nervous because I had just started working at Tassuvahti, even though I have a background as a dog sitter of 14 years. Upon arriving, I was happy to see Toffe waving his tail and his owner. We walked around the nearby surroundings and talked about the upcoming four-day walks.

On Tuesday I visited two Finnish Lapphunds, who also live in Lauttasaari. When I rang the doorbell, I heard how they got excited and started a barking concert. When I got inside, I got an enthusiastic and kiss-filled reception from the dogs. Nelli and Pamu were very captivating and enjoyed being scratched for as long as I just had the energy. I look forward to taking care of them at the end of February.

After that, I left for the first walk of the week, Tuisku. We had never met with Tuisku before, but the co-operation was born immediately during the walk and with treats. Like a typical Staffie, Tuisku was eager to explore the environment and wildlife.

The next day went with a visit to two rescue dogs near my home so the upcoming walks would easily be arranged. In my opinion, get to know – meetings are a very good idea because you learn about the dog with the owner and get the information you need. The Rescue pals welcomed me, and while the other was small and the other big, it seemed their coexistence was perfect.

Next week, I have Toffe’s walks and old familiar Diego will be staying overnight. Diego has been my god-dog for a long time and is a mix of Samoyed and husky.

– With regards, Melissa

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