Greetings from the new employee!

Greetings from the new employee!


I’m Susanna Koskela, 24-year-old Adult Education and Business student from Jyväskylä University. In my studies, I’ve specialized in human resource management, marketing, and financial management tasks. Currently, I work as a customer coordinator and recruitment manager at Tassuvahti so I can take full advantage of the information I have accumulated during my studies.

However, the most important thing in my life is love for animals, which has been present, for example, as an animal-related voluntary activity alongside school. This is the biggest reason why I applied to work at Tassuvahti. In addition, I enjoy going out in nature, spending time with my friends, reading, and drawing.

I’m excited about my new job at Tassuvahti. My goal is to develop and evolve together with our great Tassuvahti team. I hope to make it easier for pets and owners to have a smile on their lips because that’s why we are here at Tassuvahti!

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