General misconceptions about working as a Tassuvahti

General misconceptions about working as a Tassuvahti


You don’t get paid for the job.

A certain amount of financial compensation is paid depending on the type of care. The number of cares you do affects how much you earn as a pet sitter for Tassuvahti.

You don’t need to have any experience with dogs or cats.

This job requires profound knowledge, as the pet is a beloved family member of the customer. Our pet sitters meet various types of pets with different personalities and behavior. Therefore, having a versatile experience is a great benefit in this job. All our current pet sitters have extensive experience with pet care and especially dogs and cats.

I can’t apply for Tassuvahti because I own a pet.

Owning a pet is not an obstacle to working as a pet sitter for Tassuvahti. Certain own pets, such as a dog or cat, restrict you from taking pets to your home. Depending on the care, you can also stay overnight at the owner’s home. However, if your pet is being treated elsewhere during care, overnight care can also be done in your home.

You can register as a Tassuvahti service provider.

Tassuvahti is not a brokerage service that anyone can register for as a pet sitter. You must apply for a pet sitter position by sending us a job application and then we invite candidates to an interview based on the applications. We choose our pet sitters carefully and thoughtfully. (In addition, we currently only recruit adults because of the great responsibility involved in the work.)

You can work as a Tassuvahti e.g. for a month or few weeks only.

Although the pet sitter can influence the number of hours, he/she does, we expect the applicants to be able to commit for several months. For example, many customers have a regular need for a pet sitter that continues for the time being.

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